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If this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster for the Synchro Summon of a "T.G." Synchro Monster, you can use "T.G." monsters in your hand for the other non-Tuner Synchro Material Monster(s). During the End Phase of the turn this card on the field was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 "T.G." monster from your Deck to your hand, except "T.G. Cyber Magician".

☆Reasons why using it! ☆

This card is unaffected by Skill Drain, and it's effect is good in T.G Quasar. It allows you to synchro Hyper Librarian or Wonder Magician easily through its condition.

    Fast Effect Timing


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    Fast Effect Timing

    Post by IWCMN-Hood- on Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:32 am

    Read this.:

    Fast effects & Timing
    Fast effects are card activations and effects with a Spell Speed of 2 or higher, including monster Quick Effects, Quick-Play Spell Cards, and Trap Cards (which includes both activating Trap Cards, and activating the effects of things like Continuous Trap Cards).

    Fast effects can be activated by either player – even during their opponent’s turn, as long as the conditions are appropriate. When both players want to activate fast effects at the same time, they are placed on a Chain (see pages 38-41 of the v8.0 rulebook).

    Sometimes, it can make a big difference WHO places their fast effect on the Chain first. This guide will help you figure out who, at any point in time, has the chance to activate the next fast effect (in other words, who gets to “go next”).
    Usually, the turn player has the chance to “go next” and activate the next fast effect.
    However, during a Chain, the chance to go next passes back and forth between players. (Chain rules: see pages 38-41 of the v8.0 rulebook.)
    Also, if the turn player doesn’t wish to take any actions, and instead wants to move along in the turn (for example, to the next Step or Phase), the opponent has an opportunity to go next, and activate a fast effect, before the turn proceeds.
    Follow the chart at the bottom to see which player can “go next” regarding fast effects.
    Turn Player Actions
    Each Phase and Step starts with the turn player in box A of the chart listed below. This is when the game state is “open”, meaning the turn player has complete freedom of action.
    Many actions can ONLY be performed when the game state is open (when you’re in box A). Examples:

    • Normal Summon (including Tribute Summon)

    • Set a card

    • Perform a Special Summon that does not start a Chain (including Xyz Summon, Synchro Summon)

    • Change a monster’s Battle Position

    • Attempt to move to the next Phase/Step

    • Draw a card for your normal draw during the Draw Phase

    • Declare an attack

    • Activate an Ignition Effect

    • Activate a Spell Speed 1 Spell Card

    If the game state is “open”, the turn player may perform any of the above actions that is appropriate. They can also choose to activate a fast effect, if they wish.
    When Is the Game State No Longer “Open”?
    Whenever either player performs an action, the game state is no longer open.
    How Do I Make the Game State “Open” Again?
    Basically, when nothing is going on, and neither player wishes to do anything, the game state goes back to being “open”.
    Technically, this means:

    • IF the Turn Player has the chance to activate the next fast effect

    • AND the turn player passes to the opponent

    • AND the opponent then passes back

    • AND no Chain is currently being formed

    …then the game state is open again.

    StatusAre we now in a Chain?Who has the next opportunity to activate the next fast effect? (Who "goes next"?)Where are we on the chart?
    The game state is open. The turn player gets to take the next action, and can take any action that is appropriate for that phase/step.NoTurn PlayerA
    After an action that does NOT start a Chain
    (Normal Summon/Set  of a monster, Set a Card, Special Summon that does not start a Chain, declare an attack, change battle position, etc.)
    If there is an effect that is triggered.YesThe player who did NOT activate the last effect on the Chain. (Follow the normal Chain rules.)D
    If there is no effect that can be triggered.NoTurn PlayerB
    If the Turn Player passes.NoOpponentC
    Turn player activates a card or card effect 
    (Spells, Traps, Spell/Trap effects, or Monster Card effects  - of any Spell Speed)
    YesThe player who did NOT activate the effect. (Follow the normal Chain rules.)D
    After a Chain resolvesIf there is an effect that is triggered.YesThe player who did NOT activate the last effect on the Chain. (Follow the normal Chain rules.)D
    If there is no effect that can be triggered.NoTurn PlayerB
    If the Turn Player passes.NoOpponentC
    Turn player passes

    Copy pasted from Konami website.

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