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    An interesting story.


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    An interesting story.

    Post by Adderhead on Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:01 pm

    I really wish I would've screenied this but unfortunately I didn't think much of it until after it happened. So I was in a rated duel against this guy running Ghostricks. We did the usual "gl hf (Insert smiley here)" act of kindness and support of sportsmanship. Alright, cool, gonna be a good fun match!

    He played his Trickhouse, set a few cards face-down and a 1 S/T and ended his turn. I had 2 Gearspring Spirits, 2 Necro Dolls and an MST in my hand. I drew a Night beam. Seeing that I had no monster plays, I used MST to take out his Trick house and the Night Beam to dispatch the S/T and ended my turn.

    He drew, flipped a Ghostrick into ATK and did some LP damage, set an S/T down and ended his turn. I drew another Necro Doll. With nothing to play, I ended my turn. He drew, attacked my LP again and ended. I drew a Machina Fortress. Almost perfect, right? I had 5 lvl 8 monsters in my hand. A good draw. I discarded 2 Necro dolls and SS'd the Fortress in face-up atk. He then activated his trap card that allowed him to flip one of his monsters face-up to force mine into a set position. Alright, cool. No sweat, right? Remember.. I have 2 Gearspring Spirits in my hand.

    The spirits can be SS'd as long as there are only "Machine" type monsters in the grave and a minimum of 1. Well, I had my two necro dolls in there so I SS'd both onto the field in face-up DEF. I typed "k?" to him to make sure he was paying attention and that he understands the play I just made. He acknowledges and gives me the green to proceed. Alright, so with the Spirits already on the field, I use Necro Doll's grave ability.. I banished 1 Gimmick to SS it from the grave to face up DEF. I overlayed the Spirits and summoned Hieratic Sun Dragon of Helio.

    I then detached and tributed the machina fortress and necro doll I had on the field to use it's eff and remove the two ghostricks he has on the field. Apparently he didn't have a response because his S/T remained face-down. I then discarded my last necro doll from my hand to SS the Machina Fortress back from the grave to face-up attack. 5500 LP damage total was a great way to start the match. Before I was able to make a direct attack.. he somehow lost his cool.

    "You are a complete fucking retard". LOLWAT? What did I do!?
    I double-checked my plays to make sure I didn't make a mistake somewhere and everything seemed to be in order so I responded with "?". His response to me was "Lamest fucking play ever. You're fucking retarded". I didn't know what to say so I was like, "I think you're taking this entirely too seriously, dude. Just relax. It's a fun match". His reply: "I don't see anything fun in running Sun drag in a Gimmick Puppet deck. You're a worthless idiot". He then proceeded to take a good 5 minutes to talk about how stupid I am and how lame my deck is.

    This guy was absolutely 100% convinced that I was the scum of the earth. The most useless, worthless, most retarded person to have ever been born on planet earth. Because I had Sun Dragon in my E.D, I was automatically judged as a failure in life. Because I had a Sun Dragon, not only did my parents fail to raise me correctly, I was gonna be a useless loser kid with nowhere to go in life. My entire life has been a meaningless lie all because I had Sun Dragon in my E.D. He then quit the duel, leaving me in a pool of shock, shock, shock and shock. I didn't know what to say! I was bewildered! I left the match and sat there for a minute to ponder what had just happened and I couldn't help but laugh my ass off at it.

    The moral of this story is: If you ever want to find happiness in your life. If you ever wanna become a success, get married, have kids and live a wonderful future.. DO NOT PUT HIERATIC SUN DRAGON OF HELIOPOLIS WITH A GIMMICK PUPPET DECK.

    I hope that these words save a life or two.

    Thank you for reading!

    SS Gintoki

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    Re: An interesting story.

    Post by SS Gintoki on Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:41 pm

    ill just pm him saying man thanks for all that ratings just to make him even mad
    Mellis Jaw

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    Re: An interesting story.

    Post by Mellis Jaw on Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:56 pm

    That was a funny story i enjoyed it greatly


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    Re: An interesting story.

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