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    Ghostrick lesson part 1

    Mellis Jaw
    Mellis Jaw

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    Ghostrick lesson part 1

    Post by Mellis Jaw on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:30 pm


    Welcome to the duel monster academy’s ghostrick lesson part 1. In this lesson we will learn about the ghostrick archetype that will be released with set shadow specters.  Ghostricks are little pranksters that can’t be normal summoned without another ghostrick on the field as well as all of them can once pre turn flip themselves face down. But we get into the combos in the next lesson and let’s dive into the ghostrick monsters and support cards.

    How they play

    Ghostricks are all about being tricky and playing pranks on your opponents. Unfortunately they can’t start right out of the gate because a ghostrick monster can’t be normal summoned unless you control a ghostrick monster but they do have the ability to flip themselves into face down def mode once per turn. They decently reliant on their field spell ghostrick house but they can play without it you just need to release your inner prankster.

    Ghostick lantern
    Lantern is a very nice start to this lesson he is a lv 1 monster with 800 atk and 0 def. He can’t be normal summoned without having another face up ghostrick on the field but that really won’t matter for this guy because if a ghostrick monster is attacked or you are attacked directly and negate the atk as well as special him face down. This effect can work great for being able to xyz summon rank 1s during your next turn.

    Ghostrick specter
    Specter is our other lv 1 ghostrick and a nice addition to the archetype. As you can see he is a ghost but a very tricky one see when a ghostrick monster you control is destroyed either by battle or an opponent’s card effect you can special summon him in facedown defense mode and draw a card its very nice in case of dark hole, torrential and the many other board wipe cards. It’s also helpful just in case you don’t have your field spell at any specific time.

    Ghostrick witch
    Witch is our first lv 2 ghostrick that we will be going over. She is a once per turn book of moon which means having one on the field with conjunction with ghostrick house or alucard can create some crazy combos of trickster death. Witch is pretty straight forward and there is not much to her besides being a book of moon.

    Ghostrick yuki-onna
    Yuki-onna is the other lv 2 of the ghostrick family. In my opinion she is weak but there is always a place for her in my heart since she is a ghostrick. Her main ability is when she is destroyed by battle and sent to the grave the monster that destroyed her is switched to face down defense mode and its battle mode can’t be changed. She is pretty much a weaker form of witch and I’ve seen that she has her used but over all because of the field spell ghostrick house she never gets really to the point where she is destroyed by battle. If this effect does go off though you can then use alucard to destroy the set monster.

    Ghostrick Kyonshee
    Kyonshee is the awesome lv 3 ghostrick. He has the awesome ability of when he is flipped face up you can add a ghostrick from your deck to your hand that’s lv is equal to or less than the number of face up ghostricks on the field. Most of the time with kyonshee you’re going to either get lantern of specter because of their effects. Having as many specters and lanterns in your hand is a good thing to have because if you either get your ghostricks destroyed by card effs or attacks are declared you can use lantern and specter respectively and defend yourself while trolling your opponent because the just can’t seem to punch through your wall of adorable monsters

    Ghostrick Stein
    Stein is our big beater of the deck, yeah he only has 1600 atk but that’s more than enough to get his job done. When he deals battle damage to an opponent he can allow you to add one ghostick spell or trap card to his hand and that’s not a problem at all with ghostrick house. You mainly want to get house to your hand with stein or the trap card ghostrick out to use just in case of board wipe.

    Ghostrick alucard
    And to wrap up our monsters in the boss man himself alucard. Alucard is a rank 3 xyz using any 2 lv 3 monsters. What he does is other ghostricks and face down defense position monsters cannot be attack targets. You can also detach a xyz material from him in order to target a set card on the field and destroy it. And finally when he gets sent from the field to the graveyard you can target a ghostrick card in your graveyard besides alucard and add it to your hand which means you can even add the ghostrick spell and trap cards to your hand with this effect so you can recycle your destroyed field spells and add them back to your hand.

    Ghostrick House
    Now for the only spell currently for the ghostrick archetype ghostrick house. This field spell is the main attraction of this archetype and here is why, you cannot declare attacks on face down defense position monsters, also a player can be directly attacked if the only monsters they control are face down defense position monsters. Now that’s big because ghostricks can flip themselves face down so is an opponent direct attacks you  can use lantern or even  if you decide to run battle fader in your deck it allows you to lock down your opponent’s battle phase. Now for the final part, all effect damage is halved and all battle damage from non-ghostrick monsters are halved as well. This makes combos open like crazy because even if you don’t have a lantern of even battle fader unless they are also running ghostricks all their damage is getting halved and all your ghostricks are going to have a field day.

    Ghostrick panic
    Panic is one of the 2 traps for ghostricks. When it is activated you can flip any number of facedown monsters you control face up and for each ghostrick among them you can flip that many monsters your opponent controls face down. This can either be a defense option or an offensive option you can either use is to be able to atk directly when you have house on the field, or use it as another atk stopper option if you don’t have either a lantern of a fader.

    Ghostrick out
    And our final card of the lesson is ghostrick out. By revealing a ghostrick monster from your hand, face down def monsters and ghostrick cards can’t be targeted or destroyed by card effects. What is nice about this card is that it protects ghostrick cards not just monsters so if a heavy storm is played you can chain ghostrick out in order to at least protect the field spell. It’s another good card to protect from board wipe cards especially black rose.

    Well then that’s all for part one of the ghostrick lesson. On the next lesson we will be going over viable options for the extra deck as well as I will show you my own ghostrick build and explain the reasoning for the cards I chose. Well I’ll see you all next time.

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    Re: Ghostrick lesson part 1

    Post by IWCMN-Hood- on Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:16 pm

    she looks pretty hot
    Mellis Jaw
    Mellis Jaw

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    Re: Ghostrick lesson part 1

    Post by Mellis Jaw on Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:27 pm



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    Re: Ghostrick lesson part 1

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